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Originally Posted by iamthewalrus(:3= View Post
I think you are imagining those things, or (more likely) being subtly misled by the producers of Serial, who of course want to emphasize mystery and doubt because that makes their story compelling.
Well, now episode 9 gave us Adnan saying explicitly that he had nothing to do with the murder. So, yeah, so much for my pattern in clouds. Throwing that out, then.

Also, probably no pay phone at all at Best Buy? And Hae seen at school after the time when was supposed to be dead?

Seems like the deeper you dig, the less you know. Is there anything at all left of Jay's narrative that makes sense now, except maybe the part about the burial in Leakin Park that evening?

The nuttiest theory I've seen on Reddit today: The location where Hae's car was found, off Edmonson avenue, is right next to Leakin Park. If the cops had really been looking all over for the car, they couldn't have been looking very hard. So maybe they already knew where it was when Jay was brought in, and they fed that information to Jay. Crazy? Maybe. Serious police corruption? Yes. But detective Ritz, at least, was apparently involved with some serious misconduct in a different case, so maybe we shouldn't put that past the Baltimore police.

At this point my gut feeling is not to believe a single word of Jay's story. None of it. At all.

Another thing: Why, oh why, was Adnan not allowed to take the stand? He's charismatic, charming, believable and ready to insist on his innocence. If nothing else, he would have blown the picture of the "Muslim with a dark side" right out the window, since he was so obviously just a regular weed-smoking high school kid.

Furthermore: No signs of violent or sociopathic behavior in prison for the fifteen years that he's been there. So that leaves the hypothetical murder as the only such episode in his entire life, with no tendencies like that before or after.

It just doesn't make sense.