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New and Unimproved Workplace Rants

Since the other one hasn't been updated in a couple of weeks, has over 9,000 posts and over 1 million views, I think I'll just let it rest and start a new one.

And because fuck you, that's why, I'm going to post a sort of anti-rant.

It is utterly amazing how good things can turn when you have a new boss who isn't a total shit. I've been raising issues with her about some of the assholish decisions our last boss forced on us and her response every time has been a rather immediate "No, it should work this way", where 'this way' is actually reasonable and human.

Like the last guy worked from home every day, but when we'd ask about working from home when they were predicting over a foot of snow, the asshole snarled "This is Minnesota, suck it up" and threatened us with disciplinary action if we tried it.

The new boss says work from home anytime it snows.

Old Boss walked out the door growling at me for not shutting my mouth and following the "don't worry, I have plans for you" plans that never included me doing anything I wanted to do or even telling me what his "plans" were.

The new boss has been asking me to attend meetings in her place for things I'm interested in, or just to have someone more knowledgeable there (since she's new to our team).

Old Boss would tell rambling stories implying that I was being disloyal or ungrateful for disagreeing with him or telling him he was wrong, as well as making several failed attempts to discipline me for it. (His boss refused to allow it)

New boss actually listens to us and changes plans based on our opinions and advice.

So a hearty FUCK YOU to the old boss. Good riddance,.

"(so-and-so) who used to work for me asked me one day if I knew what his job was. I said sure, I know what your job is. He said no, my job is to make you look like a hero".

Dude, the team isn't there to make you look like a hero. The team is there to get work done for the company. And no, we aren't narcissists for wanting a little bit of that 'hero' shine to fall on us too once in a while. But you sure are if you think it's all about YOU.