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Originally Posted by Annie-Xmas View Post
The good news is we got amazing new cash registers for the cashiers, just in time to learn them before the holiday rush!

The bad news is that there are five registers that are set for right hand use, and one for the left hand. So which one did they assign to the cashier with a disabled left hand?

I lasted an hour, then had to play the card I hate to play: I need another machine. The manager looked at me, thought about 1/2 of a second, and said "Oh. Because of your hand." I guess it's nice they don't think of me as "the cashier with the bad left hand."
Aren't left handed people generally accustomed to using right handed machinery anyway? I was a bank teller in college and the right side numeric keypad left me no choice but to become proficient with my right hand. Between that and volleyball the only things I can still do with my left are eat and write!