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This was the full deal:


S: A, Q, 9, 3, 2
H: J, 10, 2
D: J, 7, 6, 2
C: 9

West (partner)

S: 8, 7, 5
H: Q, 7, 6, 3
D: Q, 9
C:10, 7, 5, 4


S: J
H: A, K, 9, 4
D: 10, 8, 5
C: K, Q, 8, 3, 2

East (me)

S: K, 10, 6, 4
H: 8, 5
D: A, K, 4, 3
C: A, J, 6

Three passes to my No trump, and then passed around. I still do not understand why North did not bid.

In any case, I won the spade Jack with my King and took stock. I had five top winners and probably a club and maybe another spade. Those were the seven tricks I needed. However, what if they took their many winners before I could set up mine? I could imagine unhappy scenarios where multiple heart losers would be a huge problem.

So on trick two I led a heart to my Queen, trying to look like a guy working to set up his hearts. South put up her Jack and I ducked, South winning. South next cashed her spade Ace and there was a long pause when her partner showed out. She finally played her Spade Queen and after more hesitation followed with a club, my Ace taking North's King. I crossed to the diamond queen and led clubs. All North could do was win the trick and cash his heart winners and thus I made my contract.

The defense was poor, but I like to think my heart lead at trick two helped them screw up.

The happy ending is that we finished top team for the entire game, won little plastic bridge drinking cups as a prize, and went home feeling on top of the world.