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Originally Posted by ThelmaLou View Post
Actually, I kinda like the crowd here, even the people I disagree with. I think the intelligence/literacy level at the SDMB is a cut above the general blog-reading public.
If you really believe that, then maybe stop insulting everyone's intelligence with a constant barrage of content-free bitching about Donald Trump.

This thread added precisely nothing to the dozen others you've started over the last month, and didn't tell me anything that i haven't already seen in my Facebook feed.

I'm pretty sure that i'm as upset about Trump's election as you are, and when there are substantive issues to be discussed i'm happy to talk about them. I'm also not above simple derision and scorn when it comes to the Cheeto-in-Chief; he deserves every bit of it. But surely there are enough already-open threads where you can vent, without adding yet another one to the front page of the Pit?