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Originally Posted by Left Hand of Dorkness View Post
Of course, then there are things like the latest game, where by cycle 45, two of my dupes are in rapidly failing health due to slimelung, even though I thought I was very careful with slime; come to find that even though my storage isn't allowed to hold slime, it's positively teeming with germs, in a way I haven't seen in any previous game. Not sure what's causing that.

Is it set up to hold algae, clay, gold amalgam or any other resource that can be found in the marsh ? That'd probably be it. Algae in particular is super annoying to me, because I've got my oxy makers on priority 9 and when they're closer to the swamp than the storage, dupes will sometimes go fetch ultragermy algae to put in there. Which is S-M-R-T apparently . Truly, lazyness is what'll bring down every civilization.
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