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Originally Posted by Damuri Ajashi View Post
Shouting and stamping your feet is none of those things.
"Shouting and stamping your feet" is your own characterization of a movement that actually does far more than that.
Classic critical race theory. Logic and reason are only useful to the extent that they can be used to justify YOUR positions. When they work against you, then they are flawed.
No, logic and reason are only one tool in a set of them. And not the only, or even most important, tool, people not being robots and all.

And only as good as their underlying axioms.
Well then, we might as well shut this whole site down.
Naah, I'm OK with keeping the Cafe.
After allAmerican society is like the Nazis
so we have to ignore logic and reason.
You can quote where I said "ignore", as opposed to "not prize above all else", right?
But it was, that's why the civil rights movement worked. It wouldn't have worked in a tyranny.
several civil rights movements have succeeded in tyrannies. This is just American exceptionalism.
People think that critical race theorists are a joke at best and harmful to society at worst.
"People are saying..." is a piss-poor argument.
It is based on ignoring logic and reason in favor of anecdote and subjective feelings.
Naah. It's just based on not buying into the bullshit axioms that pass for "reasoning" in the existing discourse. Like the assumption of the validity of whiteness.
When has that ever been the case? Minorities throwing tantrums without convincing the majority that there is a problem to begin with hasn't worked well anywhere, ever.
Worked well enough here for 50 years.
wtf are you talking about?
I thought you prized logic and reason - doesn't that include empiricism? I'm just proposing a concrete experiment for you to try. Let us know how it goes...