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Originally Posted by Gyrate View Post
And this remains total nonsense. People largely voted for Trump because they wanted to vote for Trump or because they believed the firehose of bullshit the right have been spraying at Clinton for two decades, not because Hillary was mean to them. Oh, some people whined about being called "deplorables" but those people were never going to vote for Hillary. This idea that if only the Democrats had been a bit nicer Trump would have lost is ludicrous.
What you are saying is very defeatist. You are basically saying that there is nothing you did wrong or could have done differently to change the outcome of the last election. That if you had to do it all over again, you would have done it the same and you would have lost yet again.

Effectively, you are saying that Trump was inevitable because this is America. You did not encourage anyone to the polls for trump or discourage anyone from going to the polls for Hillary.

I'm sure that's how you remember it. Of course, I remember a lot of Democrats saying positive things about McCain, at least until he saddled himself with a grossly unqualified running mate. And even then, he wasn't considered "the worst person in the world" - that's entirely your hyperbole.
There was literally a segment on a TV show called "worst person in the world" McCain was on it. The politics of destruction had been around for a while by 2008.

And while Romney was a rich, entitled asshole who insulted half the population (which did drive some undecided people to vote for Obama), deeply embarrassed himself abroad and, yes, bragged about animal cruelty, that didn't make him the "worst person in the world" either. Again, that's your hyperbole.
Like I said in previous threads, by the time Trump came around, we had practically run out of horrible things to say because we had used them all up on people like McCain and Romney. Saying this stuff about Trump lost some of its efficacy because we had overused these superlatives. Kind of like how we overuse accusations of racism and bigotry.

Heck, I don't even think Trump is the "worst person in the world". He's certainly a terrible person by all sorts of metrics and I'm guessing in the end he'll give Buchanan a run for his money in the "worst president" rankings but there are far worse people in the world, including several of the people Trump has openly expressed admiration for.
Oh I see what's going on. You think I am saying that YOU called McCain the worst person in the world.

Way to completely ignore my point.
I got your point. I just thought your point was useless and injected something useful in response.

That gave them to the power to do it. That's not what drove Republican voters to push for implementation of voter ID under the assumption that the only way Democrats - and particularly a black guy - win elections is by cheating.
You said they did it because of Obama. I'm saying they would have done it way before Obama if they could have gotten away with it and it was the SCOTUS case that gave them the room to do it.

No, but you expend every effort to build liberal strawmen so you can knock them down and you have shown no qualms about repeating right-wing memes and propaganda.

And what right wing memes are you talking about?

Oh, but that's the whole point of that argument - have you not been paying attention? It's dragged out to excuse assholes being assholes, often by the assholes themselves. And anyone offended by the "plain speaking" is a "snowflake". It gets used as an excuse quite a lot.
I thought I had been paying attention and plain speaking usually refers to situations where ignorant people say ignorant things that they THINK are the truth but they aren't true. This is a case where educated people are saying true things and saying it in the way that is most likely to give offense.

It's both honest and accurate, as your own description of these people reflects.
I don't think white fragility is accurate or descriptive at all. I think if you asked a bunch of collge stuents what it means they will not have a very good idea based on the term itself. If I called it "white discomfort talking about racism" everyone would know wtf I was talking about.

This is like saying "Democrats break the speed limit, Republicans break the speed limit through elementary school playgrounds - they're exactly the same!". It is an argument deliberately designed to handwave away the significant differences of degree, frequency and impact.
OK s you give an example of deceptive republican misinformation and I will give an example of deceptive Democratic misinformation and we will see who runs out first. The notion that your liars are any less deceptive than the other guy's liars is a form of self deception.

No, it really isn't.
Yes it is.

No, there really isn't. There's a vilification of whiny assholes, and a tendency of whiny assholes to ascribe that vilification to their race rather than the fact that they're whiny assholes, but that doesn't make it true. It's the same way homophobes claim that when people call them out for their homophobia they're really being persecuted for their faith - it's just deflection.
And of course this is where I say "yes there is"