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Originally Posted by commasense View Post
That was suggested in an interview Jennings did, and although I don't think he ruled it out, he did say he's nowhere near as sharp and quick as he was back then (can it really have been 15 years ago?!?), and that he doubted he could beat Holzhauer now. ...
Jennings is probably aware that no matter how good he is on the knowledge component, he's going to lose to the younger man on the motor-reaction-time front.

A simple response time (SRT) test measures reaction speed when only one response is required from a stimulus, such as hitting a key when a light flashes. Fast test responses are reported for subjects in their 20s, with the greatest consistency of response seen in subjects in their 30s. Responses on SRT tests slow with age. A 20% increase in reaction time is seen in 60-year-old subjects compared with 20-year-old subjects. Slowing reaction time or psychomotor speed has been recognized as a universal behavioral change in aging.