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Originally Posted by Quartz View Post
Exactly wrong. As usual, you, like others, are failing to distinguish between defending Trump - which I am not - and pointing out a stupid and flawed attack. Contrast my comments on your post with my analysis of what the actual politicians are doing.
Perhaps the ongoing investigations and requests for tax returns are nothing but "a stupid and flawed attack." (I disagree, but let's just say.) What does presumption of innocence have to do with it? If presumption of innocence shielded politicians from stupid and flawed attacks, we'd have to pretty much erase the entirety of U.S. history.

Or, if your argument is that presumption of innocence is what makes these investigations nothing but "a stupid and flawed attack," that also makes no sense. As steronz pointed out, if presumption of innocence meant people couldn't be investigated, you'd never convict anybody.

Trump isn't afforded the presumption of innocence until he's actually been charged with something. Now, what's your point?
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