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Originally Posted by kaylasdad99 View Post
Everybody's talking about "paths to 270." Is "50-state strategy" no longer a thing?
I sure as hell hope so. It was the quest for a glorious landslide that caused the Clinton oafs not to bother with Pennsylvania.

Originally Posted by I Love Me, Vol. I View Post
My electoral math is horrible... would winning IN, WI, and ONE of MI, PA, or OH about lock it up for a Dem (if the rest of it went "as expected")? Would that recipe need Florida too?
Trump took Indiana 57% to 38% (5% for Johnson). Forget it.

Here's a version of the electoral college math that may be easy to work with: D's and Rs are tied 216 to 216 outside 9 swing states. Whoever gets 54 evs from those swing states wins:

216 = The Rs take the obvious Red states plus Florida, Georgia
      18 Ohio
      15 North Carolina
      11 Arizona
      4 New Hampshire
      2* Maine
      10 Wisconsin
      16 Michigan
      20 Pennsylvania
      10 Minnesota
216 = The Ds take the obvious Blue states plus Colorado, Nevada, Virginia