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Originally Posted by Budget Player Cadet View Post
It is a long list. And a lot of the entries are things that either are or should be considered overwhelmingly negative. "Real Men Hate Affection", "Guys are Slobs", et cetera. And some of them are positive, too! "Papa Wolf", for example. But this is the kind of pop-culture influence everyone grows up with, and pretending that it doesn't exist is... well, it's just fucking silly, I'm sorry.
Perhaps you are hearing pushback from people who don't live their lives based on what they see on TV?

Look at this guy: Joel Embiid Crying after losing to Raptors in Game 7, 2019 PLayoffs. You think he's less than a man? Do you think HE thinks he is less than a man for crying because some TV shows said "Men don't cry"?