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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
Saying that men should have and be comfortable with more feminine traits, and be less manly because that is toxic, and that women should have and be comfortable with more masculine traits, be less feminine ... is, IMHO, not useful or helpful in addressing the issue, which is the sexist stereotypes themselves.
Nobody is saying that being manly or womanly is toxic: what we're saying is that requiring people to fit other people's idea of what one should be like is toxic (as in, damaging to the person who receives it), that this kind of toxic behavior is often linked to reducing one to one's apparent gender, and that it is also linked to gender-based stereotypes.

As for you and others who claim that you've never encountered anybody criticising you for ungenderly behavior, congratulations. I believe you. But you are refusing to believe those of us who have in fact been pressured and criticised for ungenderly behavior. Or, heck, had our existence denied because our gender can't be [whatever]: not "shouldn't be", but "can't be"!

I'm reasonably sure most people in these boards have never been raped. Neither have I. But that doesn't mean rape doesn't exist.
Some people knew how to kill a conversation. Cura, on the other hand, could make it wish it had never been born.

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