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Trump is an insecure man who understands he doesn't have the support of the military, intelligence, or civil service so he can't hold power after Inauguration Day. He would also terrified of facing real consequences when he can't pardon himself. There is no chance he tries.

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Since we are off in the realm of speculation here, I could just as easily see Trump not showing up to anything relating to the inauguration of the candidate he just lost to. The guy barely shows up to work. He might just take a three month golf vacation from November through January. And that could be the hardest he worked during his entire term.
He'll show up but not out of any respect for tradition or the importance of symbolizing an orderly transition of power. It will be his last chance to stand before a truly giant audience. He can pretend that they want to say farewell to him while simultaneously asserting that his audience was twice as big. Maybe we'll even see Melania smile with the knowledge that her ongoing nightmare is coming to a close.