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Originally Posted by Helmut Doork View Post
Yes, I get that, if a police force is on record of actively encouraging brutality, or doing zero testing at all when hiring, or anything other than showing they hire in good faith and within the guidelines, they should face circumstances. But to paraphrase legendary cop Joe Friday, their will always be this sort of thing, because when you pick cops, you pick from the human race.

Its not like this is limited to one police force, it is everywhere at one time or another.
Then all the good cops should have no issues with eliminating the bad cops from their profession.

People run for office on "Law and Order". Not so strangely, many of the tactics they support and laws they try to pass are evil and/or unconstitutional. In a country where black people carrying plastic guns in an open carry state are gunned down within 2 seconds of the police officer's arrival, and armed security guys attempt to detain black police officers because they don't believe he's a cop, this leads to an environment where abuse is rampant and unchecked. Black people bear the brunt of this. Protesting this reality is not unpatriotic, it isn't wrong. But hey, we've argued this to death over the last couple of years, haven't we?

Please don't believe some strange conspiracy theory that Colin Kaepernick is the left wing version of the right wing troll, only doing it to make money off the marks. That's a kind of "well we think this way, so therefore he must too" theory.