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Quoth CAH66:

I can't pretend to know what CK was thinking, but I can assure you of one thing: A lot of people who don't get pissed off "when black people stand up for themselves" still get pissed off when the flag, anthem, or the military are being disrespected.
This is factually, objectively, not true. Disrespect for the flag is rampant in this country, especially by conservatives, and hardly anyone gets pissed off over it. In fact, a lot of people, especially conservatives, get pissed off at people who don't disrespect the flag. I mean, just recently, the President Pro Tem literally publicly lambasted people for not walking all over the flag.

When people tell me that they're upset with Kaepernick for disrespecting the flag, I know that they're not telling me the truth, because they're not upset over anyone else disrespecting the flag. Which means both that there's some other reason they're upset with Kaepernick, and that they don't want to say what that other reason is. Now, maybe that reason isn't racism, but it's certainly a logical conclusion to draw.