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Originally Posted by TheFuture View Post
... shouldn't we be concerned if the stats show more and more men are becoming involuntarily celibate? Or worry about how we're going to address that as a society?
No, that is a problem that should probably be addressed individually, because we probably won't invent a universal cure for unappealing entitled misogynistic asshole.

I notice Japan has managed to attain massive celibacy levels without much social discord. I am not sure the West will be able to do this. I would guess Japan managed to do this because they are more stoic or withdrawn people...
I just knew you were the kind of person to guess based on stereotypes of other cultures (please note: Japanese people are neither particularly stoic nor withdrawn; in fact, these aren't even the usual racist stereotypes, they are just being made up for this argument). I'm actually surprised you didn't bring up the aging demographics. An honest man might also guess about the general availability of firearms, especially since rape culture in Japan is about, give and take, as bad as our own.
Whereas in the West we have a culture of worshiping sex.
So, no idea about Japanese culture, or Western culture, or spelling, at all, huh?