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Originally Posted by TheFuture View Post
So if you know more about Japanese culture, why have they been able to attain such a high level of celibacy in young people without any problems?
Your knowledge of Japanese culture seems to be entirely made up in your own head. Your knowledge of Japanese society seems even worse. "Without any problems?" And you think that if there were, they'd be attributable to celibacy? Not to mention things like demographics, availability of firearms, and such.

If you were honestly curious, you'd shut up, read the thread, be ashamed, and go away. But you won't, will you? Everyone knows by now that "Involuntarily celibate" is simply the stupid version of "Enthusiastically awful." Seriously, when you decide science has decreed no one wants to have sex with you, think about another scientific theory: evolution. When the planet doesn't want you around anymore, take the hint.