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Originally Posted by TheFuture View Post
So incels as a group were created by women, and remain populated by women in female incel groups, but somehow all incels are hateful mass murdering misogynist men. LOL. That does not make any sense at all.
Woman behind 'incel' says angry men hijacked her word 'as a weapon of war': The woman who coined the term ‘involuntary celibate’ says she intended it as a community for lonely people, and is shocked by its misogynistic turn:
Soon after her social life began to blossom and she handed off the site to someone she didn’t know. It would be years before she would hear the term incel again – this time as she was browsing through an issue of Mother Jones in a bookstore.

The magazine had covered the story of Elliot Rodger, who in 2014 killed six people and wounded 14 others in California. In online posts that raged at women for rejecting his romantic advances, Rodger had described himself as an incel.

“Holy shit,” Alana thought. “Look what I started.”

The term – and the friendly community of lonely people she had once fostered – had morphed into a deeply misogynistic online subculture that at times called for rape or other violence. Thousands were now on incel forums, united in their belief that the modern world is unfairly stacked against heterosexual men who are awkward or unattractive.