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Originally Posted by Dinsdale View Post
So, do some respondents actually believe in strict determinism? Every thought and action of everyone is predictable? Do you envision yourself an automaton? When confronted by a choice, do you make an effort to simulate choosing?
I believe in strict determinism when it comes to cognition. Humans don't spaz out and do things randomly; they make choices based on their preferences. Human brains are all about collecting and assessing data, including internal data, and coming to conclusions based on that. There may be a random element that determines extremely close ties, on the rare occasion that they occur, but I don't believe that that's necessary - a "the first choice in the list wins" approach or something similar is equally possible.

And what on earth do you mean by "simulate choosing"? If you are given two options, and you pick one, you have made a choice. The approach you used to make this choice, be it deterministic or not, doesn't matter; a choice was still really made.