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Originally Posted by HMS Irruncible View Post
Yes, you should assume that I hold all of my teenage beliefs, unless I tell you I changed my beliefs and I give you a convincing explanation why. Gabbard hasn't explained anything.
That's a rather ridiculous standard. People are full of silly beliefs instilled by their parents until they get out in the world and learn for themselves. That's ostensibly what college is for.

Originally Posted by HMS Irruncible View Post
Did Gabbard give a reason for why she's on the right side now? No. Did she repudiate the cult that taught her the wrong beliefs? No. I don't believe she's changed because she's given me no reason to believe her.
You expect far too much from an individual you have no personal relationship with, and who isn't in the limelight to pursue the issue you want her to talk about. If she were an LGBT+ activist, I suspect she'd take the time to focus on that. She's not. She's running for president. She doesn't have time or the media bandwidth to spend on the issue. She publicly repudiated her stance and has done nothing since then to support the claim that it was a false repudiation.

But look, my very first statement was "I'm not a Gabbard fan." I'm not going to waste time defending someone I don't care all that much about. My point was not to get overly attached to the past religious beliefs of an individual when said individual is willing to say they were wrong.