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What are the dumbest questions you've been asked more than once?

The fact that some employees were confused about Easter in this thread got me to thinking about stupid questions. Not stupid questions once person asked you once, but stupid questions you've unbelievably been asked by multiple people.

Over the years I've had conversations with people where the topic of being born on holidays has come up. My best friend was born on Christmas, and Dad and I were both born on Easter. Most people think that's kind of neat. Two different people, years apart and both college educated, have asked if that means my birth date is different every year.

My response both times was to just stare at them and say of course not. If it happens again I'm going to tell them to leave me alone and go bother someone who was born on Thanksgiving or Mother's day.

So...what's the dumbest thing you've been asked at least twice?
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