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Canada is a federation where the national powers and provincial responsibilities are sharply divided. Getting agreement from all the provinces is very difficult since they want funding without loss of power. Trudeau has had difficulty in making improvements and not been yet able to implement some sensible national programs such as inter provincial free (or freer) trade, Pharmacare, regulation of certain industries and funding reform. He has not been overly courageous about speaking out about some dubious laws or challenging vested interests.

The economy has done okay with some clouds on the horizon.

Trudeau will benefit from what currently seems to be a very weak NDP party to his left. The Greens are more popular than ever but it remains to be seen if they can win many seats.

Scheer, the Conservative candidate, has not yet made a deep impression on the Canadian public. Sticking to a budget would go some way to help. He could do better; but this thread is more about Trudeau.
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