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Originally Posted by ftg View Post
Not really. So some other property about a different number that is not actually ambiguous causes confusion ... how? (And keep in mind the context. Your example would be like upper class Math majors not knowing if one was prime or not. If a senior in Math asked a prof if one was prime or not, the prof would definitely classify it as a dumb question.)

A "less bad" example the fact that 0 is neither positive or negative somehow, mysteriously, by some weird thing, causing confusion. But still, it's Computer Science where they've been taught all sorts of stuff about binary numbers.

It is incredibly dumb to not know this is that major at that point in college. Incredibly dumb. Hence why my fellow profs didn't believe me when I mentioned this. They had to see it for themselves. And did.
Depending on how the question, asking whether a blank input should be treated like an even-lengthed input is a fair question. I've done lots of stuff where blank/zero inputs are treated special.

Asking whether zero is an even number is a mixed up way to ask that question, but it's still a fair question.