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Originally Posted by Isosleepy View Post
Being from the Netherlands: “ Did you drive here?”
And of course: “did you ever stick your finger in a/the dike?” Surprisingly not all of those were people thinking they were being clever or original with a homonym.
I'm sorry you get asked about the dike.

But I don't understand the problem with the driving question.
I live in England and have played chess many times in the Hoogovens chess tournament at Wijk aan Zee (now sponsored by Tata Steel.)
For the first few years, we did drive there (taking a car ferry to France.)
Of course now you can use the Channel Tunnel - so it's certainly possible to sit in a car for the whole journey.

You may be amused by an anecdote about the time I stayed with a charming Dutch family at the chess tournament. I had got a train from Amsterdam to Beverwijk and noticed in a railway map that there was a station at Schevenigen. Well this is also a chess opening in the Sicilian Defence.
So I tried to make conversation with the family (being Dutch, they all spoke English perfectly ), telling them about the town. It took several goes before they realised what I was talking about, aince I couldn't manage the throat noise you chaps use and was pronouncing the name as 'shev -in -gen'!
Arnold Winkelried:
'glee, I take my hat off to you.... at first I thought you were kidding with your cite but I looked it up and it was indeed accurate. (Still in awe at the magnificent answer)'