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Originally Posted by Atamasama View Post
Guards on the other hand arenít ignored, heck the performance and health of them are a big deal on every team. Getting a good guard is a huge deal and they can be the star of a play. Iíve seen highlight reels of good guard play before. I can tell you who the guards are on my team (Iupati who replaced Sweezy in the offseason and Fluker) and even their backup (Pocic). Steve Hutchinson was a guard and is a legend around here, even though he hasnít played here for 15 years. They arenít at all unappreciated, theyíre a huge deal.
In general, offensive line positions are more fungible than you might think- it's not uncommon in college or the pros for guys to shift around when needed.

Guards aren't underappreciated; they are theoretically more mobile than your centers and tackles, and get to pull (pull back and run out to the side) to block on wide run plays. They're also usually involved with counter and trap plays pretty heavily.

Centers generally are the QB of the offensive line since they have the best visibility; they call/adjust the blocking schemes depending on how the defense lines up. So maybe not too visible, but supremely important.

My dream pro football job would be as a long-snapper for a good team; not many downs played, not many chances for injury (more FG/XP than punts), a long career, and league minimum salary (starts at $495 and goes up every year you play, to as much as 1.03 million with 10+ years experience.