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Originally Posted by septimus View Post
I for one admit to great confusion about how the Senate "works." If the President of the Senate says, with no basis, "I rule that your motion is out of order" what is Moscow Mitch going to do? Call the police?
No constitutional scholar I but ...

If the President of the Senate rules motions out of order with no basis then I'd suspect the Senate body would ignore such rulings and if the VP continued to try exert rulings with no basis I'd suspect request the VP removed from the body by the Sergeant at Arms. It could be a constitutional crisis but it could result in the VP being impeached I'd guess. If instead it went to SCOTUS I'd suspect the ruling would go against the VP making rulings with no basis. Given that most D Senators and Representatives have respect for the institutions of government the actions would have found little support.

The op is based on a belief that the President of the Senate has the ultimate power over the body which they merely traditionally delegate to the members and thereby to its elected majority leader. That is a mistaken belief.