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Off-topic: IMHO JoJo Biden and Bernie-The-S are too old. As a Left Coaster, I can vote for ANYONE in our primary without much impacting results. California will go for whoever survives that long, and won't go for Tramp no matter what. That frees me to go Green.

On-topic: Let's suppose a post-Tramp world (Feb 2021) where peace prevails ie Tramp hasn't nuked anyplace nor declared martial law; he went fairly quietly. (What a fantasy!) New POTUS Warren and VP Harris strategize. The new VEEP will run the still-GOP Senate, daring any to stop her, just as Pencil-dick would if in that situation. Tramp sez, "I'm the Prez, I do what I want." The next administration can just follow his precedent. Moscow Mitch objects? Let him call the Senate master-of-arms. I bet the VEEP's Secret Service detail outguns the SMOA. Who will most likely be escorted from the chamber?

The old political order is dead; the new order is built on smoking ruins left by Team Tramp. Fuck the constitution, and law, and tradition, and functioning government. That's where America is now. Beware the Vice-Regent; the Senate is their pull-toy.