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Originally Posted by Saint Cad View Post
Move for an Appeal

Nope, it is handled through parliamentary means.
Your link goes to rulings by the chair but I assume it applies and would be the process by which ruling motions out of order with no basis would be ignored. Not sure that link though informs as to whether or not the body of the Senate could decide to physically remove a President of the Senate who persistently acted in a manner that clearly demonstrated bad faith and an attempt to hijack or minimally interfere with the legitimate business of the body.

But clearly the VP as President of the Senate is in no position to exert any significant power and is NOT "delegating"power to the majority leader.

The President of the Senate is not part of Senate leadership by ANY standard of leadership. They do not set an agenda, they do not control an agenda, they do not make the rules, the players on the field can overturn any fair or foul, complete or incomplete, ruling they make at any time and are the ones who have the power to change the rules. The President of the Senate even speaks only at the pleasure of the body.

It what possible standard ARE they part of leadership?