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Originally Posted by Dinsdale View Post
My dad was born in Chicago in 1920. I was born in Chicago in 1960. Our last name ends in "ski," but we had no recent immigrants in our tree.

Growing up, I heard and told a million Polack jokes. Shared them with my dad. He said that when he as young, the same jokes were told about Bohemians.

Q: You know why so many Bohunks survived the Stock Market Crash?
A: You can't kill yourself jumping out of a basement window!

(Oh yeah - the stereotype immigrant would buy a 2 flat, rent out the top 2 floors and live in the basement.)
Haw haw! I got a MILLION of 'em!
I thought it was amusing when my first wife and I went to visit her Polish heritage family in northern Minnesota, and heard them telling Finlander jokes, which were pretty much identical to Polish jokes.