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Originally Posted by ElvisL1ves View Post
Please, people. "All About The Benjamins" has been standard slang at least since Puff Daddy's 1997 single, and of course refers to Franklin's portrait on the $100 bill. Even Weird Al did a version. To conclude the use of the term is antisemitic, you have to want to conclude it.
The term isn't anti-semitic in a vacuum. When used flippantly about a Jewish organization, it's reasonable to criticize it. Not because of something inherent about the phrase, but because of the anti-semitic trope about Jewish control of money and usage of money to manipulate others. It'd be no different if she had used the phrase "it's all about the money".

EDIT: I don't think it was a big deal -- she gave a good apology for it. Reasonable to criticize her for it and reasonable for her to apologize. A little thing.

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