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I'm a fan. Some episodes more than others of course and I agree with the idea of having to be in the right mental frame of mind for certain episodes.

What I like is the purity of its "what if" nature. It takes one idea and runs with it to see how the extremes play out. That takes us to dark places but plausible places and therein lies the horror. It also very cleverly balances the technology on the edge of what is currently possible and tempts us to take a little peek over the edge. They disturb and horrify us precisely because we see hints of it all around us and to an extent we are all the frogs being boiled and we may not realise until too late. I think they act as cautionary tales, modern fables.

Some of it is very intense and I fully understand why it isn't for everyone but for those who are a fan I might also recommend "Inside no.9" an anthology horror/suspense/comedy series by Reece Sheersmith and Steve Pemberton who you may know as writers and actors in "the League of Gentlemen"
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