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No, it just bludgeoned over the head with its fucking "point." That's a lot why I'm not a huge fan of "Nosedive." Nice premise. Started out good. Then just wouldn't stop beating you over the head with its point. Just no subtlety. That's how I feel about a quarter of Black Mirror episodes, and those kind of bristle at me. The rest are great. (And, actually, Twilight Zone has those moments as well.)
I enjoyed that one a lot. It seemed to hit all the good jokes in that scenario, and I wasn't actually sure I knew how it was going to end. It seemed good satire and not a cliche, having everyone rating each other constantly. I laughed out loud. Of course we have seen something of this type of episode before, but not in this reality. I haven't begun to be that critical of the show yet. I'm just glad that a show is covering this aspect of life. The last 3 years have seen reality far outpacing and outstripping any art we have, in terms of our social systems. To me this show is addressing the imbalance a little.

I do recall though on watching it that the brother character was the moral center of the show. If he wasn't in it, it might not have been possible to make it. And yet he is part of the system too, at a low 3.

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