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Originally Posted by Biggirl View Post
And also-- would you watch? I think the people most at fault were the millions who tuned in to view. There were watch parties and bars stuffed with people all who just could not wait to watch the Prime Minister debase himself even though there was an active campaign to get the public NOT to watch. I think those are the people this episode shined its creepy-assed light on.

Yes. That's the whole point of the episode IMO : the gawkers' reactions, and how sociopathic social media has made us. Like, if people were decent, if they had even a iota of empathy for the PM as a fellow human being, then the "artist" wouldn't have done it in the first place. His whole point was to shine a light on the depravity of the public, NOT of the act itself or even the moral dilemma handed to the PM. People have done worse to save lives, hell people have done and do worse to earn a paycheck.

Of course it's completely lost on the public, who mindlessly line up to jeer on another man's humiliation. This in stark contrast with the people close to the PM who have to "help" and all seem on the verge of breaking down just having to take part in it in any form - because they can't ignore or tune out the very real human element of it.

Then again, who am I to cast a stone ? I, who once watched a video of a woman getting her ladyparts filled with live eels because, well, it was there and I was bored. And it promised to be so profoundly fucked up, I couldn't not take a look. Like an accident on the freeway, except wriggling and gooey.
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