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Originally Posted by friedo View Post
Unless it's a severe malfunction ( ), a GPS issue would not be an atmospheric condition, surely. And I don't think UPS flies any CRJ's.

On second thought, maybe there's some solar flares or something causing ionization that is interfering with GPS. That would be an atmospheric issue.
"Atmospheric conditions" could just be a lost in translation type thing between the tech people and the PR people. Or it could be that it wasn't fully understood when the blurb was written. It is affecting more than just CRJs. Information in this PPRuNe thread suggests it is all aircraft fitted with Rockwell Collins GPS / ADSB units.

Anyway, I don't see any volcanic ash areas shown on the SIGWX charts for the US (or elsewhere). If the link works, you can browse the other areas.

Click the "info" button for a legend.

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