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Originally Posted by pkbites View Post
You didnít read my post, did you? McCain couldnít be trusted to maintain a steady platform of being pro-gun rights because of statements he made even in the face of pro-gun votes he made. He was unbalanced and couldnít be counted on. Just because he happened to make more pro-gun votes than Pelosi doesnít mean he deserved a better grade than her. He knocked his rating down doing and saying other things. There are several factors that are considered in those ratings. He simply wasnít the 2nd Amendment defender the left paints him as. GOA exposed him for what he was and it pisses you off.
Yes, I read your post. And this one. And you havenít actually contested my central point: that GOA ratings are so subjective that John McCain and Nancy Pelosi get the same rating, based on the organizationís grudge against McCain.

Thereís no objective standard in which McCain and Pelosi can be considered interchangeable on voting on gun laws. Is there overlap? Sure, on a few issues. But just a few. But they are far more different than they are similar, and yet the most radical gun organization rates them identically.

Why do you think Iím angry about this? You seem really bent out of shape by my challenge to your assertion that GOA issues accurate ratings of politicians. I donít really care about McCainís political positions. Iím just saying itís silly for anyone but the most extreme fringes of the pro-gun side to listen to GOA on anything.