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I got a phone call this morning from someone wanting me to confirm a bunch of personal information before telling me what they were calling about just that it was a business matter. I refused and she hung up on me. I suspect it was a law firm that recently sent me forms for them to represent me against a grocery store for an accident that has to either be from the grocery store or possibly my insurance. The letter didn't specify where they got my information from and I already have a law firm that I have contracted with to represent me.

She made me late for work arguing with her that I was not going to confirm anything until I knew what the call was about. she said it was about a letter they sent me which is why I think it is this law firm I never contacted. I am going to scan it to my lawyer and let him know.

In the related matter:
I think the grocery store should be liable for the fact that they should have known they had a hazard in their store, for not changing it after someone got hurt and trying to make it my fault (were you wearing flip-flops? were you wearing sunglasses? were you wearing prescription lenses? had you been drinking? etc) I have a permanent disability in my shoulder from the fall but I am also old and have arthritis in the joint so I am sure the grocery store will do everything to pay as little as possible which also ticks me off.