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OK, here’s me with a three day weekend, so I decide to try out Black Mirror, from critical acclaim and all that. The first episode is a Prime Minister being forced to fuck a pig because of a kidnapped princess. Totally unpleasant show. I know this show has many devotees. How does it go from this repulsive beginning to something someone would want to see?
The point is not the act of f****** a pig, it is the notion of what technology and social media have become - as all the episodes are. It is the questions it asks - real questions.

What would a leader do to keep his job?

What would a leader do to to save a life? Could he say no? Would you say no?

It doesn't have to be sex with a pig, but it has to be something repulsive, otherwise it doesn't work!

BTW: look up what a previous PM (Cameron did at university).

Otherwise, just stick to a safe film, like James Bond - it won't tax you, it won't ask any difficult questions.