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Very tangential, but this reminds me of an incident several years ago. My daughter was still living with us, came home from an outing with friends and realized she had left her wallet in the coffee shop they'd been at. Panicked, she tried to dial information to get the phone number and mistakenly dialed 911. She told them oops it was a mistake, then called information, and as she rushed out the door advises us, hey, the cops are probably gonna stop by soon because I called 911 by mistake. See ya.

Sure enough about 5 or 10 minutes later there's an officer at the door. I did not admit him, told him the story through the screen door. No, she's not here now. All the while he's craning his neck around trying to see into the house. Finally I just said my husband is sick with the flu and I'm not letting you in and I need to close the door now.

I understand why he was there -- maybe someone was in danger and was forced to deny the call. But I still wasn't letting him in for no reason.