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Originally Posted by Bricker View Post
Depends on what you mean by "trick."

OFFICER: Good evevning, sir. I stopped you because your left taillight is out. Do you have your license and registration?

DRIVER: Yes. Here they are.

OFFICER: Thank you. (Shines light in back of car). You don't have anything back there I need to know about, do you? Knives, guns, rocket launchers?

DRIVER: Heh. Um, no.

OFFICER: Great! Then you don't mind if I take a look?

DRIVER: If I say no now, he'll think I have something to hide! Um... OK.
Just to be clear, the following would not be legal -

OFFICER: Mind if I search your vehicle?

DRIVER: Not without a warrant.

OFFICER: OK, wait here.

OFFICER goes back to his squad car and talks on the radio for five minutes. DRIVER cannot hear what is said.

OFFICER: I talked to a judge, and he gave me a search warrant over the radio.*

DRIVER: Then I guess I have no choice - go ahead.

In that case, the bazooka and fourteen pounds of crack found under the back seat is not admissible, correct?


*The officer is lying about this.