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Medically Impossible?

There are many things that people today think are medically impossible, but they would be shocked at how often they are wrong! For example, based on your comments I would expect you to deny it if asked if depression can cause physical pain. However, according to psychiatrists, that is a fact! There are more than a few cases where mental problems have caused physical disease symptoms and conditions, even death. If their grief at the loss of a loved one is great enough, people can and have decide subconsciously that they "cannot" live without that person in their life. Some would call this dieing of a broken heart, but few doctors would accept that. Instead, thwy would call it something like morbid major depression.

My conclusion is that, whether we understand it or can explain it or not, the mind can be affected in various ways by conditions the person is subjected to and can affect the body in many ways in return. Therefore, although the Victorian doctors' ideas about brain fever may have been off-base regarding the mechanisms, their ideas about the overall effect were not far from the truth. Victorians may have had some odd ideas, but they were not stupid!