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I was under the impression that the Sphinx was even older than the Egyptian Civilization which eventually grew around it. That the Sphinx was originally a huge lion carved from the natural limestone. It's creators, an even older civilization, are not known. No Egyptian records claim to be responsible for it's construction.

It is supposedly a likeness of Khafre, but this could not be its original likeness since the Spinx is known to have existed AT LEAST 2,600 years before Khafre's reign. From what I've read he (Khafre) had the Spinx re-sculpted to resemble him. It is not certain what the likeness was before. Probably an even earlier pharoah. Who did the same...and so on.

The nose finally was simply weakened to the point that it gave away. The numerous times it was resculpted and erosion, plus whatever vandalism may or may not have occurred. The Sphinx has been repaired many times throughout history. Evidence that even the ancient Egyptians were repairing it over the millenia suggests to me that it probably broke off thousands of years ago and was replaced/repaired as well.

Ultimately to the point of saying to hell with it. That damned lion has been a pain in the ass ever since we moved here.