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Originally Posted by Monty
IIRC, some phone companies have discount (at least they call it discount) plans for which you use a different prefix.
Yes, in the USA and Canada, those prefixes are 101-CCCC, where CCCC is a four digit "carrier selection code".

This is for dialing a call using a specific phone company (a local or long-distance carrier) of your choice. You dial 101-CCCC, then the rest of the number as normal (in other words, for a normal call within North America, you dial 101-CCCC-1-XXX-XXX-XXXX).

I think you can dial special calls (0+) and international calls (01+ and 011+) using a 101-CCCC code, but I imagine that would be dependent on whether the particular carrier you are using allows that.

When you dial a number as normal (1-XXX-XXX-XXXX), you use whatever carrier is the default on the particular phone you happen to be using.

This is IMHO much better than the Brazilian system, where you must embed the two-digit carrier selection code on every long-distance call.

Often they advertise it as "10-10-XXX" or "10-15-XXX"--a stylistic holdover from when the carrier selection prefixes were only three digits and preceded by "10" (10-XXX).
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