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Originally Posted by llcoolbj77 View Post
I worked at the NRA. One of my primary jobs was to take phone calls from concerned citizens about their rights' in their respective states. What I really ended up doing was begging folks to please not bring their loaded firearms everywhere just to prove a point... it would not be the point we wanted proved, so to speak.
I would find it interesting if you wrote about your experience there.

Semi-related: yesterday they had Bob Costas on The Daily Show. I haven't watched the extended interview yet but I think he made the correct point by focusing on gun culture instead of technical or legal quibbles. The rampant paranoia for one's own safety, either from other citizens or from a supposed tyrannical government, doesn't reflect well on us as a society.

IMHO there's a lot more hay to be made in addressing why people feel they must be packing to feel safe, than in banning magazines used in a tiny fraction of killings. Sure, self defense is your prerogative, but whenever people are motivated by fear we need to continually re-evaluate whether we are being rational.