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Serial (the podcast)

Originally Posted by brickbacon View Post
(although who keeps a map in their trunk)
I used to keep phone books and lots of maps in my trunk before the Internet and GPS.

Originally Posted by brickbacon View Post

You are basing this on nothing. More importantly, you wouldn't document the process if that is what you were doing.

It is—it was—absolutely routine for cops to shut off recordings during certain points of final interviews. I've seen some such recordings myself.

Regardless of what has been recorded in days or weeks or months of prior interviews or notes it happened as a matter of course.

There is absolutely no question in my mind that in every single last one of these instances what is happen ending during those interview gaps is that the cops are "helping" the witness smooth out his story for the final recording.

That doesn't mean they are always helping the witness construct a false story but they are definitely smoothing out final inconsistencies and bumps and dead ends and anything that might distract the jury from their main through-line.

And in every case there are records of old interviews that the defense will use to try to impeach the final testimony. Yeah, it happens, but most of the time, a jury will convict anyway, so the cops don't worry too much about that.
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