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Originally Posted by Honey View Post
My cite is that I've heard Jim Bob and Michelle say on many occasions that it's the woman's responsibility not to stir up sexual desires in men.

Here's a cite for how Gothard followers handles sexual abuse. Jim Bob and Michelle are have been avid Gothard followers for years.

Counseling sexual abuse
This cute differs in two important respects from your original claim, which I will reproduce here as a reminder.

Originally Posted by Honey View Post
The worst part is that JimBob and J'chelle believe that if a woman is sexually assaulted it's her fault for stirring up desires in the male.
Here are the two:

(1) It's a fallacy to impute to a "follower," each and every position of the person or group he follows. I, for example, am Roman Catholic, but I don't support each and every position the Church offers up for public consumption. So your cite purports to show what Gothard advises or teaches, not what JimBob and Michelle believe.

(2) With respect to what JimBob and Michelle have said, I agree such statements can be used to shows what they believe....but their statement doesn't seem to be about sexual assault. It's a more general statement about the advisability of modest dress. Sexual assault is not about sexual desire; it's about power. They could certainly believe that modest dress for women is desirable and at the same time not condemn victims of sexual assault for being at fault.

Do you have any cite for the claim you made, or not"
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