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Originally Posted by aceplace57 View Post
If this behavior had continued then I'd agree Josh is a sexual deviant. But there's no indication that any further incidents occurred after he talked with the state police. A family that big has no secrets. There's no way he could have continued without his brothers and sisters telling their dad.

The kid made a mistake. He was counseled and punished. Just like a parent does with any problem. They try to get help and correct the behavior so the kid matures into a responsible adult. Sometimes it works. Sometimes not. But there's no indication this abhorrent behavior continued into his adult life.

You know nothing about fundamentalist life. It's all about shaming others and keeping appearances. Why do you think there's so many pastors that are felled by gay indiscretions? Because they have to appear straight to world, all the while wagging their fingers at everyone else for the same so-called deviant behavior they engage in. Similarly, that's this family's stock in trade. I bet there's no way he couldn't molested FIVE DIFFERENT GIRLS, four of which were HIS SISTERS, and then just went back to being normal because they prayed it away. No, that's the story they share with gullible outsiders.

And I do like what someone observed about their "values".......

Kissing your future spouse before marriage? NO!

Molesting your sisters? YES!