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Originally Posted by Biotop View Post
On an earlier hand (E/W vulnerable), sitting South I held:

S: 8, 6
H: A, Q, T, 8, 6, 4, 3
D: J
C: A, 4, 2

The bidding went:

E: 1C
S (me): 1H
W: 1S
N: Pass
E: 3S
S: 4H
W: 4S

All pass. I wanted to sacrifice 5 H with favorable vulnerability, but I had heard nothing from partner and my hand had a lot of losers.

Partner had:

S: 9, 3
H: J, 9, 7, 2
D: 9, 7, 5, 3
C: Q, 8, 3

We held the opps to just their 4 spades contract. But with the club king favorably with west, I could have held it to down 3 ( 2 spade losers, a club, a diamond and the trump king). Had the club king been in the wrong place it might have been wrong to interfere. But then again I could have gotten lucky with the trump king. Or maybe they would error by overbidding to 5 spades.

I think we needed to sacrifice at 5 hearts, but I am not sure the fault is mine or partner's. I wanted to bid it. I should have, I guess.
I think partner should have bid 5H, with 4-card trump support. You have bid your hand.

However, how does 5S go down? If you have a heart loser playing in hearts, then hearts must break 2-0 so you have no defensive heart trick. That leaves just two club tricks on defense.