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Originally Posted by Monty View Post
Agreed. I've been saying ever since he announced his candidacy that he'll quit once the job gets hard.
I would have agreed with this, too, until the Russian Connection got legs.

At this point, I believe the fake president is clinging to the notion of his immunity from prosecution while pretending to be president. He already indulges in delusions of "reelection" in 2020.

If the Russian Connection plays out as I believe it will, meaning it will only be presented when the case is air tight, they'll have to frog march him out of the Oval Office kicking and screaming the whole way. As much as I enjoy the prospect of this spectacle, my biggest fear is he'll carry out the ultimate spiteful revenge before it happens: Lobbing a nuke at some other country. Probably North Korea. He is a genuine madman, concerned solely for his own hide. He doesn't care who or what he sacrifices to keep his delusions intact. He objectifies everything in furtherance of this goal.

I agree with Chimera that Ryan will savor bringing an impeachment proceeding against Trump by the time Comey finally presents what he's got. I just hope it happens soon enough.