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Originally Posted by Budget Player Cadet View Post

So with that in mind, do you support privatizing University of Mississippi?
Can you even freaking read or do you just go around implying things?

Where did I ask for the schools to be privatized?

I'm just saying maybe do not let the lunatics run the asylum. Have rules. Enforce them. Back when I was in college at KU we had all kinds of looney demonstrations and such but we as students, still hand to do our homework and pass our exams.

Now back to my question - how will the left deal with the real situation of cameras being everywhere and the actions of leftist students getting broadcasted?

Here is an idea. Start being proactive and being adults. For example in THIS video posted recently of a pro Kavanaugh demonstration at the University of Texas and their signs getting ripped up. This time an actual adult (Dean of Students) steps in to tell the idiot leftist to stop the attacks and remind students of free speech rules.